Early last year, after a few trips to A&E by ambulance I eventually had a scan and had the unfortunate news that I had a 2.4cm hole In my heart. Not just that, but I needed open heart surgery to repair It. I had a leaking valve, more palpitations than I could cope with, loss of memory, due to my blood shunting back to my lungs, ‘Impressive’ the surgeon said.  It crept up on me, and was such a shock. Over the months of being at home, not being able to walk far, couldn’t drive too far by myself. I only went anywhere If someone could take me. Any craft things it was my friend Selina, or other long journeys, my family. Not only was I scared to death, so were my family. And waiting months for the consultants to decide who was doing what I eventually had it In November. While waiting around for months I was designing and making things, not being able, or have much enthusiasm to do much else. I went to the AFCI UK ‘One big show’ last June and they had a feature there called ‘The Creative Dragons’ which I went to with my little whimsical houses, it was extremely scary. I had a table with my products on, and when I got home was called by the buyer Joanne from ‘Hochanda’ and invited onto the show. I was lucky I had my son Samuel to help get all the costings and things together and friends to help decorate, and get them ready. My first show was on the 29th September. I was definitely not firing on all cylinders, and looking back I don’t know how I did It. But yay, I did.

I designed some more and went on ‘Hochanda’ again with them on the 26th March. I managed to get them all packed up and sent to customers, to then fall ill and be taken Into hospital twice with chest pain due to coughing, ended up with a chest Infection, then pneumonia. Lots of antibiotics later, I’m just about feeling better again.

Just before all that happened, I had decided I would like to attend the ‘Create It’ with all my products, so I booked It…….. And here we are 5 Days to go before setting off, and panicking, preparing for my first big craft show on the 19th and 20th May at the ‘Kent Showground’ It’s all very daunting. There has been a lot to think about. The organisation for the workshops, and then we would need paints, embellishments, paper, glues, Inks and the list Is endless, and an absolute…….

Minefield: ˈmʌɪnfiːld/


A subject or situation presenting unseen hazards.

Yes, that’s just about It, a minefield!!!

So with the help of my groupies, P.A’s, AKA  Selina, and Karen (or Lacey & Minnie I call them now) who are organising me, (sorry, helping me) all the way, and our new addition Lynda, who has created a lovely Whimsical house, story book and cards. We have a friend Kathryn making some samples and helping on Saturday. We also have had some lovely cards made by Pat Batley which will be on show. On Sunday my son Jordan and a friend will be our assistants and hopefully help pack up and drive the van home, as Im sure we will be exhausted. And the next day I’m off to Poland for a little break with my daughter Amber, her partner Chris and my granddaughter Isla, (her first little trip abroad). 

We are really looking forward to the show with anticipation and excitement.

From where I started through my terrible grief losing my mum, which Is still unbearably painful, and my own health scare, It’s all starting to look a little bit more of a brighter journey.


Miss Polly x