So here I was at the age of 53 attempting to get to grips learning social media ‘The Facebook’, they laugh away, those girls of mine, ‘It’s not ‘The Facebook’, It’s just ‘Facebook’. ‘Twitter’, Oh my, I’v barely started that one, not even one tweet. With the help of my two 15 year olds, Natalia and Shannon (that find me a figure of fun), and out of my comfort zone, and my depth, they have taught me the basics. Over the months I’m thinking I have become a bit more confident with my Instagram photography, with my little card makes Into something out of a home magazine.  I try not to ask my children ‘How do I do this’? the answer I used to get from my then 30 year old son was ‘Google It’, really? Tell you what ‘Why don’t you all make me feel like the ‘VI’ AKA the ‘Village Idiot’? Boo hoo. When they were small and they were learning to walk/talk, did I say ‘Here you go, a little book that will teach you how to put one foot in front of the other, and you will find words to string a sentence together.  Oh I forgot ‘You can’t read’ Even my granddaughter Ava came to me the other week saying ‘Nana, I will show you how to use your kindle’ Hilarious!, and yes ‘VI’ again, comes to mind. What happened to ‘How do I do this’? and you just do It the old fashioned way explain, and show me. We forever need to carry on learning.  So try as I must, I use ‘Google’ and ‘Youtube’ which I am finding more interesting than T.V.  There Is a wealth of information and instructions on there, I’m becoming addicted.

So here Is my new next step I am faced with, ‘You have to do a blog’ everyone has a blog, another something new for me to learn. And yes I have been putting It off for months. I thought I would just wait until the website was done, because I need to take my ‘Professional photos’ the best way I know how, and that takes time. I have to start sometime, no more putting It off. I have got so behind we are now onto vlogging, everyone Is doing It. Every time I go on Facebook someone else Is doing It.  I have lessons on my ‘Makelight’ dashboard that I must catch up on, teaching me ‘How to’.  Soon I hope to be ‘The confident blogger/ Vlogger, Oh, and Is there a word for the ‘Live video’ thing where people can message you as you are demo-ing away?  I just can’t keep up with It all. I might try that first, maybe not by next week. Don’t they know at this age we are a little slower at taking things in? Hence why we are mistaken for…….. yes, you know.