Gesso’ In white

I have been using ‘Novasol’ Pinty plus paints for a while on my projects. I introduced them to Hochanda through using them on my whimsical houses on the show. They have a fantastic gesso in an aerosol which Is so easy, quick to prime, and fast drying.

‘Aqua’ watercolour paints

I have also been using the ‘Aqua’ range which Is a watercolour spray paint which leaves a lovely finish. It has a low odour, and also very fast drying.It’s been great for  I have used It on the whimsical houses, book, doors and embellishments. Its great for MDF, cardstock, glass, wood, leather, metal, plastic and polystyrene. It covers 1.40m2, and comes In 18 colours.

Painting: You can spray it onto a craft mat, if you leave it for a few minutes, it will thicken up a little and paints really well.

Stencils: Spray onto a craft mat, leave for a few minutes and sponge through a stencil, You get the most lovely chalky effect.

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