In September I had the opportunity to be a guest on Hochanda with my  whimsical houses. This was the house I decorated on the show.

Step 1  A few days before I started decorating the house I gave the front a coat  of white gesso and painted the roof with Pebeo fantasy moon in turquoise,  fantasy prism in onyx and blanc. I also dripped through the vitrail  medium glitter with a pipette dropper to add a bit of sparkle. It is a bit  tacky for a few days but worth the wait until fully dry.

Step 2  On the day of the show I used a brayer with Decoart media fluid In  paynes grey, Titan buff and a little burnt umber to the front of the  house. I skimmed round the edges with the titan buff to give a distressed  effect.

Step 3  I then used Polly’s ‘Whimsical texture’ rubber stamp and randomly dotted  It around. I stamped the heart droplets under the roof.

Step 4  I stamped , embossed and cut out the sign from Polly’s ‘Whimsical street  signs’ rubber stamp, then stamped Higglety,pigglety cottage, cut out and  attached It to the sign.

Step 5  I then painted the front door with Decoart media fluid In paynes grey  with a small brush and filled the middle panels In buff.

Step 6  I tied some string several times round the middle of the house and lightly  brushed It with paynes grey media fluid for a shabby look.

Step 7  I cut out some little squares out of black net and tied the tops with jute to  make curtains. I stamped a little sign ‘Polly’s Path’ which I added to my  stamp set In memory of my beautiful mum who I sadly lost In October  2014.

Step 8  I covered the back of the box In wallpaper and painted the Inside with  white gesso.    The Whimsical houses can be bought from my Etsy shop through the  website. The whimsical houses have been decorated In allsorts of media to  use your creativity and flair.

You can also see step by step Instructions on these lovely houses from two of my friends on their blogs.

Karen Clare,

Suz Humphries,