I have decorated a lovely Christmas pot for sweets, candy sticks or chocolate to make a lovely gift.

1. Using the Twila fairy pot, paint the back of the outside of the pot in red and using some tape mask up stripes that are going to be a different colour, and paint the rest in red.


2. When the red paint is dry, tape over, and paint a line of pink, and a line of white so it starts to look like a candy stick.

3. Paint the roof, round the windows, and the front door in silver paint.

4. Paint dots over the spots in green, or whatever colour you would like.

5. Paint the back of the house in white using two coats, and the inside of the pot.

6. Glue the box to the front, and leave to dry for a while.

7. Cut out a star, some bunting, candy sticks, and a little pair of socks or stockings. They can either be hand or die cut.

8. Stick them all to the front of the house, and use a contrast ribbon to tie the candy sticks to the curly bits on the roof.

9. Use glossy accents to paint over the green spots, and front door to make them shiny.

10.Finish your lovely house by filling with candy sticks, or sweets.