The beautiful bride

This is my tutorial of the second page of the whimsical story book.

I am going to continue using the 12 x 12 paper pad called ‘Rustic nature’ that i bought from ‘The Works’

Polly Allsorts

 I have cut a 8×8 piece of card that has already got a textured look and have used ‘Pebeo’ modelling paste with the whimsical stencil to create a bit more texture down the side of the page.

Polly Allsorts

I have an archway stencil that i bought second hand so not sure where it had actually came from originally, but you could use any kind of window arch die and just extend it as i have done here.

I have cut out a large flower out of another piece of card,  and small flowers to scatter round.

I have cut the photo of the beautiful bride to fit underneath the archway.

I have then tied some small pieces of hessian string which pulled from a roll and tied them into bows, i cut out a cute little butterfly and the words ‘Bride’.

Polly Allsorts

The dress was made for my mum, by her mum, and what a beautiful dress it was. This is the sleeve of the dress, and also a photo of my mum as a little girl.


And voila we are all done.

You can purchase the book at



The whimsical storybook

I started making my dad a a scrapbook story of him and my mum as a keepsake of their wedding. I will add to it when they started their little family…. aka myself, Paul my brother and Bridgette my sister. My mum loved  greens and peacock blue shades so i decided to do the theme around that dropping in a few different snippets of colour. I have made the book out of my own ‘whimsical story book’ from mdf. I am trying really hard this year to stop using baby/wet wipes. They are by far the easiest, but not the best for adding plastic pollution to the sea and the species who live there, and until deemed safe, and plastic free I have been using gauze, cutting it up into strips,and also have also used muslin squares cut it into smaller squares, and just wash and dry them.

Page one

I have used DecoArt media fluid in turquoise, white and a little yellow green light. I didn’t prime the mdf as i wanted a more weathered look. I wet the cloth and started with turquoise, let it dry, added a bit of green, then white until i got the colour i wanted. I made a little frame and stamped their names onto a piece of handmade paper and added a couple of small brads to create a picture effect. I used the whimsical stencil and ‘Cosmic shimmer’ sparkle texture paste in ‘Frosty dawn’ to add dimension I cut out some little rectangles using a die and letters for ‘The story of ‘ and drew little strings with a white pen. I  went round the edges in frayed burlap distress oxide and attached the letters onto the card, then on to the front of the book. I also used the distress oxide pad round the edges of the cover. I covered a heart in the matching paper to the birds and ran round the edge with a nail file.


Polly Allsorts

Polly Allsorts

Rustic nature papers for inside page / whimsical storybook


As i have a hole in the middle of the front cover I decided to use patterned paper. I bought a 12 x 12 paper pad called ‘Rustic nature’ with birds (my mums favourite) feathers and flowers in some lovely colours from ‘The Works’ It was a bargain at £3.00. It has 24 sheets, double sided, 230gsm and acid free. I cut the card 7.5″ square as the book is 8″ square I used a sheet with flowers and birds, cut out the extra flowers and attached them on top. I cut out some extra birds and did the same with one peeking under the front flower. I covered a heart in the matching paper to the birds and ran round the edge with a nail file. And added a piece of string as if the little birdie is off making a nest.

Polly Allsorts

The story of…     Mdf whimsical storybook



I will add page two in the next blog…….




Topsy Toadstool 2

I featured In the January edition of ‘Making cards’ magazine, and did a  tutorial on a card made from my whimsical stamps. I then decorated a  whimsical house to match​.

Step 1    I have painted the house in white gesso to prime the mdf. Then I have  brayered the house with ‘Art alchemy’ acrylic paint in opal magic rose  gold. I have left It to dry, then brayered over In opal magic blue gold. It  has a really lovely sheen to It.

Step 2   I have cut out a slightly larger piece of hessian round the roof, and two  circles and cut them in half for the shutters, and glued them to the mdf.

Step 3 I have pulled some threads out of the roof piece to create a shabbish look  and used some to tie little bows through some spaces. I used one of the  ‘Polly Allsorts’ Texture stamps to stamp over the roof in Decoart media  fluid in burnt umber. It gave a nice brick effect.

Step 4  I then painted the door In decoart media fluid in burnt umbe​r, ​left It to  dray and painted over It using a brush and glossy accents to give the  door a nice shiny look.

Step 5  I used the ‘Polly’ Allsorts’ street sign rubber stamp to make a climber to go  over the front of the house, and painted the leaves in Decoart yellow  green. I stamped the little Ivy leaves, cut and coloured the leaves with  Versa colour turquoise and peony, and stuck them on with sticky pads to  give a 3d effect.

Step 6    To finish off I stamped ‘Love Place and ‘Wish House’ from ‘Polly Allsorts’  street signs rubber stamp and cut into little rectangles and glued onto the  door and the front of the house. I attached some pearl embellishments to  the shutters and a little door handle.

You can also see step by step Instructions on these lovely houses from two of my friends on their blogs.

Karen Clare,

Suz Humphries,

Topsy Toadstool

In September I had the opportunity to be a guest on Hochanda with my  whimsical houses. This was the house I decorated on the show.

Step 1  A few days before I started decorating the house I gave the front a coat  of white gesso and painted the roof with Pebeo fantasy moon in turquoise,  fantasy prism in onyx and blanc. I also dripped through the vitrail  medium glitter with a pipette dropper to add a bit of sparkle. It is a bit  tacky for a few days but worth the wait until fully dry.

Step 2  On the day of the show I used a brayer with Decoart media fluid In  paynes grey, Titan buff and a little burnt umber to the front of the  house. I skimmed round the edges with the titan buff to give a distressed  effect.

Step 3  I then used Polly’s ‘Whimsical texture’ rubber stamp and randomly dotted  It around. I stamped the heart droplets under the roof.

Step 4  I stamped , embossed and cut out the sign from Polly’s ‘Whimsical street  signs’ rubber stamp, then stamped Higglety,pigglety cottage, cut out and  attached It to the sign.

Step 5  I then painted the front door with Decoart media fluid In paynes grey  with a small brush and filled the middle panels In buff.

Step 6  I tied some string several times round the middle of the house and lightly  brushed It with paynes grey media fluid for a shabby look.

Step 7  I cut out some little squares out of black net and tied the tops with jute to  make curtains. I stamped a little sign ‘Polly’s Path’ which I added to my  stamp set In memory of my beautiful mum who I sadly lost In October  2014.

Step 8  I covered the back of the box In wallpaper and painted the Inside with  white gesso.    The Whimsical houses can be bought from my Etsy shop through the  website. The whimsical houses have been decorated In allsorts of media to  use your creativity and flair.

You can also see step by step Instructions on these lovely houses from two of my friends on their blogs.

Karen Clare,

Suz Humphries,

Mini Topsy Toadstool

There are so many ways to decorate the quirky whimsical houses.  Here I have decorated the small box which can be used for paint brushes, pens , make-up  brushes,and knitting kneedles.

Step 1  I have painted the box, and the front of the house with a coat of white gesso, the sprayed  them with a can of ‘Pinty Plus’ chalky paint In ‘Rose Pink’. I sprayed the roof In ‘Pale Green’. I  was going to add a few trailing flowers but got carried away with the flowers.

Step 2  I ​then used ‘Polly’s texture stencil to make a brickwork effect putting paste through the stencil  and leaving to dry.

Step 3  I then used Faber Castell gelatos In ‘Butter Cream’ and ‘Guava’ on coated paper, blended it  together and cut out with floral dies In different sizes. I then attached them to the roof. I cut  another couple of flowers In half and used them for shutters. They looked very pretty.

Step 4  I then used the ‘Whimsical Texture Stencil’ to add little dots In ‘Decoart’ media fluid In ‘Ultra  Marine Blue’, and painted a few bricks with a wash of ‘Primary Magenta’.

Step 5  I Used ‘Polly Allsorts’ whimsical texture rubber stamps to stamp circles and dots with ‘Decoart’  ‘Hansa Yellow Light’ and ‘Titanium White’. And made a little sign ‘Wish House’ from ‘Polly’s  Whimsical street signs’ and stuck It on the front.above the window.

Step 6  I painted the door In Decoart ‘Primary Magenta’ and ‘Titanium White’ . I added liquid pearls  to the flowers and shutters In ‘Ruby red’ and a few dots on the small circles In ‘Platinum pearl’    The whimsical stamps and stencils can be bought from my etsy shop ‘Polly Allsorts’

You can also see step by step Instructions on these lovely houses from two of my friends on their blogs.

Karen Clare,

Suz Humphries,